what headset does TimTheTatman use

What Headset Does TimTheTatman Use In 2022?

TimTheTatman is one of the popular gamers and streamers out there. The gamer played a wide range of games ranging from Fall Guys, Call Of Duty: Warzone, Overwatch, and many others. However, he got really famous in 2018 with the Fortnite boom.

Being a popular streamer and gamer, aspiring streamers are always interested in what gear does their favorite twitch personality uses. Hence, many people have this what headset does TimTheTatman use question.

In case if you are thinking the same, then I am here to help you out. I will be talking about TimTheTatman headset and what makes it special.

So here we go:

Who is TimTheTatman?


Timothy John Betar better known as TimTheTatman. He is one of the popular American Twitch Streamers, Fortnite player, and YouTuber.

TimTheTatman started streaming a decade ago, and he has a huge following which made the streamer one of YouTube’s most subscribed personalities.

He is popularly known for his Fortnite: Battle Royale gameplays. Also, he has collaborated with other popular game streamers like Ninja (know what headset does Ninja use), CouRage, DrLupo, and BasicallyIDoWrk.

What Headset Does TimTheTatman Use?

what headset does TimTheTatman use

Unlike other popular streamers like Ninja, who uses studio headphone for gaming, TimTheTatman uses gaming headphones.

His current favorite pick is the HyperX Cloud Alpha headphones which is one of the best wired stereo headsets available out there.

Also, HyperX has signed up the streamer as their global brand ambassador. Hence, it is pretty obvious why TimTheTatman uses a lot of gaming peripherals from HyperX.

As far as the configuration of the headset is considered, it features 50mm, dual-chamber drivers, with neodymium magnets. As a result, the headset produces a frequency response range of 13 – 27,000Hz, at a nominal impedance of 65Ω and a sensitivity of -43dBV.

The headset is also pretty durable, and it comes with a sturdy aluminum frame with an adjustable headband and plastic casting.

Moreover, both the headphones and earcups are well padded with come with leatherette padded memory foam. So TimTheTatman can keep wearing his headphone for a really long time without any discomfort.

The headset also features a detachable microphone with a unidirectional polar pattern. This helps in creating a noise cancelling effect. So he can record his audio with clarity.

It also offers a frequency response range of 50 – 18,000Hz that is much wider than the typical 100 – 10,000 range that is generally found on headsets.

What Makes TimTheTatman’s Headset Truly Awesome?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha offers lots of great gaming features that anyone would enjoy. It features HyperX virtual 7.1 surround system.

Plus, it comes with an included audio control mixer, and you can activate the surround sound and adjust the game audio and chat balance without having to go into any menus.

It also comes with bass adjustment sliders on the ear cups. So you can enjoy easy access when it comes to personalizing your audio experience.

Plus, it features a dual-chamber driver system which reduces distortion and provides clearer sound.

So that was all for your what headset does TimTheTatman use query. I hope this has solved your query. In case if you wish to ask anything else, feel free to comment below.

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