Best Gaming Headset Under 30

10 Best Gaming Headset Under 30 Dollars + Buyer’s Guide

Without a good gaming headset, it is hard to enjoy a game. A good gaming headset helps you with clear sound so you can spot your enemies, listen to what the characters are speaking and enjoy game music. But when it comes to buying a gaming headset under a budget, it is surely a hard task. However, to help you out, I have researched and selected the best gaming headset under 30 dollars.

So even if you are on a tight budget, you can enjoy your games to the fullest. So let’s straightly look at the best cheap gaming headset suggestions:

10 Best Gaming Headset Under 30 Dollars

Here are the top ten budget gaming headsets under the $30 price bracket:

Now let me talk about these headsets one by one below:

1. Razer Kraken X Ultralight Pro Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

At first, I have the Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset. This is one of the best gaming headset under 30 dollars that you can buy.

It offers you immersive 7.1 surround sound for positional audio, which will be pretty useful in competitive gaming. On top of that, it comes with custom-tuned 40 millimeter drivers. It also supports software enabled surround sound for PC gaming only.

The headset also has a comfortable design and has a minimum weight of only 250 grams. This is 40% lighter than most of the other headsets.

Plus, you are getting a bendable noise cancelling microphone. The cardioid mic reduces background and ambient noises for crystal-clear communication.

What’s more? It also offers you in-headset audio controls. So you can easily adjust the volume or mute your microphone. And overall, it features a durable construction that is built to last.

2. NUBWO Gaming Headset

best gaming headset below 30

No matter if you have a gaming console or PC, the NUBWO Gaming Headset would be the perfect companion.

It offers you amazing audio quality as it features a dual 50mm speaker. As a result, it produces super detailed and balanced sound. Plus, you enjoy ultra-low distortion for your games, movies, and music. So you will be able to enjoy your games without any distractions.

It also comes with a noise-cancelling microphone. So when you are chatting with your in-game friends, they would get to hear you clearly.

Also, its flexible omnidirectional microphone captures your voice from all angles. Plus, it eliminates unwanted background noise.

The headset is also pretty convenient to use. Since it features an in-line audio control. So you can adjust the volume and mute the microphone without opening any settings.

What’s more? The headset features soft leatherette ear cups and ergonomically padded headphone. This ensures that you are getting comfort during long gaming sessions.

So overall, it is one of the top gaming headphones under 30 dollars that you can check out.

3. Jeecoo Xiberia

best cheap gaming headset

Looking for something cheaper? Have a look at the Jeecoo Xiberia. This is the best gaming headset under 30 dollars that you can buy.

It comes with a 50mm speaker unit featuring neodymium magnets. Plus, it comes with a built-in USB audio sound card which offers you 7.1 surround sound.

As a result, you will get detailed game sound effects and enjoy an immersive gaming experience. The headset also features a customized unidirectional noise cancellation microphone.

It is designed to reduce ambient noise and enhance voice quality. So in-game chatting would be a seamless experience for you. Also, it picks up your voice clearly and loudly.

The microphone is also retractable. Meaning you can easily switch on/off the microphone and adjust its volume.

There is also an in-line controller, which helps you with volume control. Also, there is a tiny clip that attaches to your t-shirt. So you can enjoy convenient controls.

What’s more? The headset features a sturdy construction and has a metal headband. The earcups are made of thick memory foam cushion pads, which are big and soft. So you can enjoy comfort during your gaming sessions.

4. Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset

gaming headset under 30

Turtle Beach is one of the best gaming headset under 30 dollars that you can buy. This one features high quality 40mm speakers and an over-ear speaker design. This helps in producing crisp highs and thundering lows.

Along with that, the gaming headset has a lightweight design and features a padded headband and ear cushions. This ensures that you are getting complete comfort.

Along with that, it comes with synthetic leather-wrapped ear cushions. This provides additional comfort, improved bass response, and better noise-isolation. So your gaming experience would be as imagine as you can think of.

In addition to that, it features Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity microphone. It picks up your voice loud and clear to ensure your commands are always heard. Also, you can flip up the microphone to mute it when it is not in use.

5. EZ.winpow Video Game Stereo Headphone

pc gaming headset

Up next, there is the EZ.winpow headset. It comes with a 50mm driver with 40% extra sound effects compared to other headphones. As a result, you enjoy 7.1 surround sound with detailed audio output for an amazing gaming experience.

The headset also features an ergonomic design, and it covers your ears completely. The earpads are extremely soft and breathable. This helps in isolating the noise and prevents fatigue from playing for a  long time.

The microphone is also pretty flexible and sensitive. You can adjust the microphone to any angle you want. Also, it offers you noise cancellation, and there is an in-line controller for adjusting voice and turning on/off the mic.

Moreover, it comes with a two-in-one cable design (60 in + 35.5 in), led light and an audio adapter (equipped with a USB port and 3.5 mm audio jack). This makes the headset compatible with a wide range of devices.

6. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

bengoo gaming headphone

You can next have a look at the BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset. This gaming headset produces clear sound and offers strong brass, superior ambient noise isolation, and high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver.

Also, its acoustic positioning precision enhances the sensitivity of the speaker unit. So you can enjoy a wide range of sound fields with clear clarity and shock feeling sound. The headset is also designed for FPS games like Halo 5, Call Of Duty, and others.

There is also a noise isolation microphone that enables you with high-quality communication. Also, its long flexible mic design is extremely convenient for adjusting the microphone to any angle.

What’s more? You will also enjoy superior comfort. As it features good air permeability protein over-ear pads and muti-points head beam. Also, its skin-friendly leather material lasts for years to come.

7. Musicera Wireless Gaming Headset

wireless gaming headset 30

If you are looking for a wireless gaming headset, look at the Musicera Wireless Gaming Headset. It offers you ultra-low latency with a 2.4GHz wireless connection. Also, it offers you an uninterrupted connection within 12 meters. So you can freely move around your desk or couch.

The gaming headset also offers you high-quality simulated surround sound. Thanks to its 50mm audio driver, which makes your gaming experience pretty intense. Also, using its responsive audio drivers, you can know where the sound is coming from.

The headset also features a noise cancelling microphone for clear communication. It comes with a sensitive, adjustable noise-canceling microphone that filters out most ambient noise.

Overall, the headset is also pretty durable and features breathable protein over-ear pads and adjustable headbands. So you can keep wearing the headset all day. Plus, it offers you 17h of battery backup.


best pc headset under 30

SENZER SG500 is also the best gaming headset under $30 that you can buy. The gaming headset has proven to enhance your gaming experience. It offers you surround sound and crystal clear audio that gives you the best gaming experience possible under a budget.

Along with that, the headset features flexible telescopic arms and detachable ear pads. The headset is designed to fold inside the arm. This makes the headset easy to carry and travel around. Also, its earpads are magnetic, so you can easily remove them for cleaning purposes or replace it with new ones.

The headset also features a comfortable and lightweight design that can help you with all-day gaming. Also, it is 40% lighter than most of the gaming headsets out there.

You are also getting a bendable microphone arm that can be fixed to any position to ensure the clearest voice pick-up and filters out surrounding environmental noise.

9. HP Gaming Xbox One Headset

gaming headset under 30

You can next have a look at the HP Gaming Xbox One Headset. With this one, too, you are getting surround sound. So you can know where the sound is coming from and easily spot your enemies. It offers you an incredible 7.1 surround sound with positional audio.

Plus, it features a noise cancelling microphone for ultimate voice clarity. Plus, the microphone blocks unwanted outside noise. Plus, it’s 50mm speaker drivers offer stable and elegant sound.

The headset also features an ergonomic design. It has skin-friendly, breathable earcups for all day comfort. Also, it features RGB backlit, which makes your gaming setup stand out.

What’s more? The headset is also compatible with a wide range of devices including your PC, PlayStation, Xbox series, Nintendo, and other devices, as long as it has a 3.55mm port and supports usb connections.

10. Black Shark Gaming Headset

$30 gaming headset

Lastly, there is the Black Shark Gaming Headset. This one features 50mm oversized drivers that offer an accurate positional audio experience. So you can know where every sound is coming from and enhance your overall gaming awareness.

The gaming headset is also compatible with a wide range of devices thanks to its 3.55mm audio output port.

Along with that, it features an omnidirectional microphone with an advanced pickup pattern that ensures voice capture and improved clarity.

Also, it supports advanced passive noise cancellation. As it comes with breathable memory foam ear cushions that shut the noise out for greater sound isolation. Plus, it prevents overheating and pressure build-up for all-day comfort.

How To Chose The Best Gaming Headset Under $30?

Choosing one of the best gaming headphones under 30 dollars can be extremely complicated as there are too many things to consider. However, to make it quick and easy, I have shared some of the points that you must consider on your quest to find the best gaming headset under 30 dollars.

So here we go:

1. Gaming Headphones vs Gaming Headsets

Many think that gaming headsets and gaming headphones are the same things. But it is not true. Gaming headphones are regular headphones that come with features that help a gamer with his needs.

They often lack a microphone, and you will need to use a separate microphone to communicate with your friends. But they do offer macro detail, an accurate sound stage, and overall an immersive sound experience.

On the other hand, gaming headsets are pretty forward. They pack the features that a gamer needs. Plus, they do come with a built-in microphone which can be retractable or detachable depending on the manufacturer.

They do offer you virtual sound, a tactile on-headset button for on-the-fly game configuration, and so on. Also, they are pretty affordable and feature a game centric design.

2. Wired vs Wireless Gaming Headsets

Both wired and wireless gaming headsets have their own pros and cons. But picking up the right connection can impact your gaming style.e

If you are choosing to go with a wired headset, the first thing you will notice is that they are pretty affordable. And it perfectly fits in our 30 dollar gaming headset budget.

Also, there is nothing to worry about charging or changing the batteries of your headsets. Simply plug in the headset, and you are good to go. But dealing with long wires can be a little complicated thing.

On the other hand, wireless headsets give you the freedom to move around freely. You can game in any position you want. But you have to charge your headsets frequently, and they are pretty expensive.

3. Build Quality

You must go for a headset that is durable. As gaming headsets are subjected to go through wear and tear. They are used for hours and hours, and some gamers don’t even take a break in between.

Also, a gaming headset with good build quality offers you more comfort and design features. You should check what material the headset is built of, are you getting any foam on the headband, the material of the earcups, and so on.

However, you might not get everything you want on a tight budget. But you can definitely find the best gaming headset under 30 dollars that offer you the best build quality with a great sound.

4. Noise Isolation

Noise canceling technologies is also one of the extremely important features you need to look for in a gaming headset. If you are into competitive gaming, a little bit of outside noise can impact your gameplay.

When it comes to noise cancellation feature, you get to see two types of them: Passive noise isolation and active noise cancellation.

Passive noise isolation is mostly referred as noise isolation, and they work pretty well to block outside sources using its physical design.

On the other hand, there is active noise cancellation which filters out background noise for clearer and better audio quality. However, gaming headsets with ANC can cost you a lot, and these headsets don’t fit within a budget.

So in case, if you are interested in a high-end gaming headphone, check these Beyerdynamic headphones for gaming.

5. Microphone

The last thing you should consider is the microphone. It is one of the most important factors as you will be required to talk to your friends while playing games.

While looking for the best gaming headset under 30 dollars with a mic, you should look for the following things:

  • Microphone with noise cancellation properties to improve voice clarity.
  • Convenient mute function.
  • Boom microphone for better voice quality.

Also, if you do not require a headset microphone, then you can check this list of the best headphones without mic for gaming. Or, if you prefer an external mic, then check out the list of best streaming mic under 50.

Is 7.1 better for gaming?

Surround sound definitely helps you to improve your gameplay. If your headset supports 7.1 surround sound, then it will be easy for you to spot your enemies quicker. Plus, you will get to know where the sound is coming from and enjoy overall gaming awareness. Even many pro gamers use headsets that come with 7.1 surround sound.

Are expensive gaming headsets worth it?

Expensive gaming headsets are definitely worth the money. They do offer a massive advantage when it comes to sound quality. Also, they pack better build quality, design and offer you better comfort. You will get features like detachable earcups, wireless connection, more cushioning, stronger headbands, good noise isolation, and so on. So if you do have the money, they are definitely will offer you a great listening experience.

What are good brands for gaming headsets?

There are multiple brands that are known for their amazing headsets. For instance, you can opt for Razer, one of the well-known computer peripherals brands. Apart from it, there is HyperX which is also known for manufacturing high-quality gaming gears. Then there is also the Turtle Beach, SteelSeries, Logitech, and many more.


I hope you have found the best gaming headset under 30 dollars for yourself. All the gaming headsets under 30 USD mentioned above will offer you the best gaming experience possible.

However, if you ask me for my pick, I recommend you go with the NUBWO Gaming Headset or Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset under the $30 price range. These names are the best pc headset under 30 dollars available in the market.

So go ahead and check these best gaming headset under 30 out and pick the best one for yourself. Also, for any additional questions, do comment below.

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